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About Us
About Us | TiKAG

About Us

The good thing in the right hand at the right time can change the world. Our mission is to help people find the right thing at right time. Both entertainment and education have been integrals parts of the human experience since the beginnings of time.Here you will find awesome content. We love to make people smile, laugh and knowledgeable.TiKAG is one and only multi-purpose portal in the world. Where we touch you from learning to Entertainment.

About Us

Entertainment has become a necessity for everybody due to the increment of stress in the people that nowadays are susceptible to a variety of illness caused by the stress. Therefore, a distraction is a way to escape the everyday routine and consequently to enjoy the day. Entertainment covers the activities which enable the people to have joyful time, particularly in their free times. It is Entertainment hub.

We entertain you through SMS, Jokes and Funny Videos, entertaining puzzle and Bollywood news. We motivate you via Quotes and Motivational Videos. We also make intelligent by our Quiz Section. You’ll find funny, family-friendly Jokes, videos, and things which are worth sharing.

We will be posting lots of tutorials, Funny videos, technological posts, WhatsApp Videos, Viral videos, Motivational and Inspirational Quotes and much more for Free.


Never blame a day in your life. Every day gives you new experiences and lessons to learn. Celebrate the special bond and best wishes on Evergreenfun SMS page. Say a warm glowing hello to people with these Best wishes text messages If you are looking for Best Wishes SMS then your search ends here. You will find all the Best Wishes SMS here. Just read our full collection of Best Wishes SMS.

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We love to make you smile and laugh to keep stress away in your free time. This page is created for those people who spend their free time to share Jokes with his friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, WhatsApp etc. We provide our daily visitors with a huge collection of funny contents in the form of Jokes. Sharing has been made easy with the WhatsApp share button so that you can easily send these as SMS or message to your friends and make them laugh.


We educate and entertain audiences of all ages with family and friendly quotations. We are passionate about Quotes, and on a mission to share our knowledge with the world. We provide great Quotes for Love, Life, Friendship, Funny, Positive, Smile, Motivational, Inspirational, Determination, Poetry, Teamwork, Sports and many more. Regular use of Quotes stimulates the mind and effectively increases one's IQ.



Sometimes, the right words used at the right time can turn the switch from ‘off’ to ‘on.’ Find this here Besides the fact that most of us can talk faster than we can write, videos convey so much more than the spoken word. Even without you speaking a single word, videos can be very useful communication tools.

“It’s time to step up to the plate and get passionate about your work commit to making learning courses that don't bore people to tears, but instead inspire and motivate them to learn a new skill, change a certain behavior, or improve their performance.” - Cammy Bean

Online learning is a way of studying without needing to attend classes on campus. It gives benefits such as be able to study anywhere that has an internet connection and have the flexibility to study when it's most convenient for you. online tutorials is a self-study activity designed to teach a specific learning outcome.

We focus on simplicity, easy and straight-forward learning. We start tutorials from basic level to Professional (Advanced) Level. Our goal is to create a community of where Learner can learn and share ideas. “Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”- Jennifer Fleming

Why Choose TiKAG?

TiKAG is the world-famous portal. It has something for everyone. It has been providing a wholesome entertainment to Everyone. No doubt (Evergreenfun) has become a part of the day and way of life of millions of citizens from all over the world. We educate and entertain audiences of all ages with family and friendly content from history's most prominent figures through to today.

TiKAG is free service, supported by ad revenue generated from ads appearing on our site. Our advertising team works with credible advertisers and high-quality ad networks. We make sure the ads shown on our site are family-friendly, and we limit invasive and intrusive advertising because we value our audience, and want everyone to Like us! “If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.”? Germany Kent

Our history

Initially envisaged being a site dedicated to fun and humor only with our Evergreenfun Portal. but now we provide 360-degree entertainment to the visitors of all ages and demographics. Since it’s launch in August-2017, TiKAG (Facebook Page) has gained significant market positions in several key content categories, including entertainment like SMS, Jokes, Quotes and Funny videos. In addition, in October-2017, TiKAG launched transaction brands in the Entertainment, Tutorial, and educational spaces. is Launched in 2017 (7-10-2017) and is growing enormously by its inception not only in membership but as a complete platform in the web world as real. TiKAG is wholly owned, developed, managed and sponsored by Kashyap Family.