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Pakistan Bans Anushka Sharma Pari For Promoting Non-Islamic Values

Pakistan Bans Anushka Sharma Pari For Promoting Non-Islamic Values

Pakistan Bans Anushka Sharma Pari

Pakistan censor board on Friday banned Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma-starrer movie Pari for promoting “non-Islamic values”, black magic and “anti-Muslim sentiments” in the film, reports The Express Tribune. The movie has also been banned because Pari movie “reportedly contains objectionable sequences where Quranic verses have been used.”

“The film not only mixed Quranic verses with Hindu chants but also portrayed Muslims in a negative light as they were shown using Quranic verses to do black magic,” the Pakistani Censor board says. The censor board also says that the movie seems to be promoting clack magic, which, the board said, is un-Islamic. (Also Read: Anushka Sharma’s Pari Suffers Thanks To Unnecessary Melodrama, Feel Critics)

“Pari’s script, dialogues and storyline go against our Islamic values. The concepts within Islam have different ideologies about magic. This film stimulates the viewers in favour of black magic and promotes thoughts that are contradictory to our religion,” a senior member of the board told the Tribune.

Agreeing with the censor board’s decision, Chaudhry Ejaz Kamra, Pakistan Film Distributors Association’s chairman, said, “Any film that goes against our culture and Islamic history should be banned in Pakistan.”

In February, Pakistan had banned Akshay Kumar-starrer Padman saying the film deals with a “taboo” subject. “We can’t allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture,” Federal Censor Board member Ishaq Ahmed said.

Another censor board member said, “We can’t allow the screening of films on taboo subjects in our cinemas as it is not in our culture, society or even religion.”

Reacting to the bans, Pakistani filmmaker Syed Noor said that Padman should have been released in the country.

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