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Gamble On Fun

Gamble On Fun

Gamble On Fun

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at a spot of gambling will understand how intoxicating it can be. You place your bet and then spin the wheel, and hold your breath for a couple of seconds until you see whether you have won big or not.

It is in those seconds that anything is possible. And, with gambling, it really might be. Who knows when you are going to hit the jackpot? This makes the whole thing very addictive, especially if you have enough money to invest and actually have a chance to make even more. According to, many wealthy celebrities are addicted to gambling, and Charles Barkley even admitted that his gambling problem cost him $10 million.

Perhaps you don’t like the idea of chance deciding what the outcome is. That is also fine. You can choose a game of skill instead. You need nerves of steel to win at blackjack or poker, but the stakes can be a lot higher.

Certainly, luck plays some part, but these games also require a great deal of skill.

In the movies, they make it look so easy, don’t they? Our debonair, and usually good looking, gambler has a devil-may-care attitude. He bets with reckless abandon and, if he is down, it is never for very long.

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We all know that the odds are stacked in favor of the house but, somehow, these guys always manage to beat the odds. Maybe that is why we love gambling movies so much – it’s the ultimate showdown between the little guy and the big corporation.

A showdown where sheer guts and determination can win out in the end. Combine that with the somewhat glamorous image of the professional gambler, and you have a winning combination.

Are The Movies Right?

Sure, if you walk into a casino, it will look a lot like what you see in the movies, but do the movies always get it right? Not really. James Bond, for example, is shown as a very skillful craps player. Not to put James down or anything, but this is a game where you either get lucky or you don’t, no matter how you roll the dice.

But, let’s be honest here, it looks a lot more glamorous the way it works in Hollywood, doesn’t it?

Hollywood does also tend to ramp up the wins and money. In the movie 21, for example, the team of MIT players won $3.5 million over the course of 17 visits to the casino. Now, while it is possible to win millions, it would normally take longer because of the house limits on tables.

The idea that you will be taken out back by the owners if you are caught cheating in a Vegas casino is also a bit of a stretch nowadays. They can ban you from the casino, or possibly call in the cops, but they also have to obey the law.

Let’s be honest, real life does not always make for good cinema, so sometimes a bit of exaggeration is in order as well.

Sometimes Real Life Is Similar To The Movies

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Sometimes the idea of art imitating life does really apply, though. Matt Damon, for example, was said to have lost around $25,000 when filming Rounders. An amount pretty close to the $30,000 his character lost in the film.

Ben Affleck’s role as a gambling ace in Runner, Runner, was also pretty spot on. He came up tops playing poker in the California State Championship in 2004. In real life, Ben is also said to have won $140,000 from Matt during a poker game.

Does Hollywood Spill The Beans?

There are tricks that casinos use to keep people in their seats and spending more money. After all, the longer you gamble for, the more the odds increase in the house’s favor. Hollywood movies have let us in on some of these secrets.

For example, casinos usually don’t have windows or clocks, making it difficult to judge how much time you have been there. Also, by offering you free drinks when you are playing certain games, they are being good hosts, and consequently good business people.

Everything within a casino is designed with one thing in mind – to increase the excitement and get you to put more money on the table.

Not All Gambling Movies Are About Gambling

The Hollywood hit The Hangover was based in Las Vegas and did include some gambling. But although it would qualify as a gambling movie, it really was not. The movie follows a group of friends who go to Vegas for a bachelor party.

Hilarity ensues the next morning when they cannot find the groom and need to retrace their steps. As they progress, it becomes obvious just how wild the night became.

Overall, though, whether Hollywood portrays the suave super-spy who always knows what to say, or the group of buddies that crack you up, gambling movies are nothing if not fun. Are they entirely realistic? Of course not, but then we go to the movies to escape from realism, don’t we?


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