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कोई भी हो शेख नमाज़ी या पंडित जपता माला,
बैर भाव चाहे जितना हो मदिरा से रखनेवाला,
एक बार बस मधुशाला के आगे से होकर निकले,
देखूँ कैसे थाम न लेती दामन उसका मधुशाला!

Jayenge kabhi un raho par bhi dost..!
Tere sath bhi bethege kabhi dost..!
Zindagi jee lu thodi, Jeena Seekh lu thoda...!
Maykhana ko bhi yaad karega hame jab hum jayege wha
Bas Jindagi ka nasha Kam kar lu thoda.....!

मदिरालय जाने को घर से चलता है पीनेवला,
'किस पथ से जाऊँ?' असमंजस में है वह भोलाभाला,
अलग-अलग पथ बतलाते सब पर मैं यह बतलाता हूँ -
'राह पकड़ तू एक चला चल, पा जाएगा मधुशाला

Dave was feeling depressed, and his best friend Keith decided to take Dave to the Pub, to try and cheer him up.

He asked Dave what was it that was troubling him, but Dave didn't want to talk about it. So they sat there getting slowly pissed.

Keith matched Dave drink for drink, trying to get him to talk about what was troubling him.

Gentle prodding was ignored until finally, after downing the sixth, Dave blurted out, "OK, it's your wife."

"My wife?" his Keith demanded. "What about my wife?"

"I think she's cheating on us."

A man walks into a bar, drinks a couple of beers, and prepares to leave.

The bartender tells him that he owes $10.

"But I already paid you. Don't you remember?" says the customer.

"OK," says the bartender, "if you say you paid, then I suppose you did."

The man goes outside and tells the first person he sees that the bartender can't keep track of whether his customers have paid or not.

The second man rushes in, orders a couple beers, and later pulls the same stunt.

The barkeep again replies, "OK, if you say you paid, then I suppose you did."

The customer then heads outside and tells a friend how he too can get free drinks.

The third man hurries in and begins to drink highballs.

The bartender leans over and says, "You know, a funny thing happened tonight. Two men were drinking beer, neither paid, and both claimed they had. The next guy who tries that stunt is going to get punched in the balls..."

The man interrupts, "Don't bother me with your troubles.

Just give me my change and I'll be on my way.