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Dating a Hairy Woman? | TiKAG

Dating a Hairy Woman?

Two Italian friends are talking to each other one evening.

Roberto says, "Tell me, Geno, in all honesty, what do you think of a woman with a growth of black hair under her nose?"

Geno replies, "Hell no, I would never be turned on by a woman like that."

Roberto says, "OK, so tell me, what about a woman with big black hairs growing under her arms?"

Geno says, "For Pete's sake what are you talking about? I couldn't even have anything to do with a woman like that."

Roberto says, "OK but let me ask you another question. What about a woman with long black hairs growing on her legs, never shaves her legs?"

Geno replies, "Come on man give me a break, I would never get into bed with a woman like that."

Roberto says, "OK so answer me one last question if all you say is true, why the hell is you seeing my wife?!!!"

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