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Friendship Day

Making a million friends is not a miracle, the miracle is to make

a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you.

I know friendship is hard to keep, but even if it gets harder I won't give up,

coz if its hard 2 keeps u... then it will be a lot harder 2 find u again


Wonderful people r carefully created by God, wonderful moments are carefully planned by God,

wonderful friends like u are carefully gifted by God

Friendship is vast like Universe,
deep like Ocean,
high like Sky,
strong like Iron,
kind like Mother,
cute like Me,
and sweet like U!

Friendship is about bringing out the positive when everything seems negative...
Being accepted for who you are...
Being able to pick up right where you left off...
Sharing, talking and laughing...Friendship

A true friend is an angel sent by God;
He stands by your side through the good as well as the bad;

And loves you when you don't love yourself.
Dear friend, thanks for being my lifeline!

A true friend sees
The first tear;
Catches the second;
And stops the third!

Sabse alag sabse nayare ho aap
Tareef kabhi puri na ho itne pyare ho aap
aaj pata chala ki zamena q jalta hai humse
Qki dost to akhir hamre ho aap

Hasna Hasana Kisiko Gwara Nhi Hota 
Har Musafir Jindgi Ka Shara Nahi Hota 
Milte He Log Is Tanha Zindgi Me Par
Har Dost Tumsa Pyara Ni Hota

Jinke dosti me ham divane ho gaye
vo ham se begane ho gaye
shayad unko tlash hai nay dost ki
ab unke najar me ham purane ho gaye...

Dosti ki keemat kabhi adaa nahi hoti.
Acchi Dosti kabhi juda nahi hoti.
Aap ki ada par mar mite hai warna
yuhi hamari dosti kisi par fida nahi hoti.

Teri dosti hum is tarah nibhayenge,
Tum roz khafa hona hum roz manayenge,
Par man jana manane se,
Warna yeh bhigi palkein le ke hum kaha jayenge...

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